About APL

At Alberta Precision Laboratories (APL), we believe in the transformative power of laboratory medicine to improve health for all Albertans. A wholly-owned subsidiary of Alberta Health Services, APL is committed to providing high-quality, innovative patient care and diagnostics at laboratories in hospitals and urgent care centres across the province.

Medical decisions, across the continuum of care, are based on diagnostic laboratory results, making laboratory medicine a keystone component of healthcare. At APL, we lead healthcare innovation in laboratory medicine by continually seeking improvements in preventing, detecting and diagnosing, treating, and managing diseases or medical conditions.

Health informed by world-class integrated laboratory diagnostics.

Transforming how laboratory services are delivered across the province, APL is working together with DynaLIFE Medical Laboratories – contracted to deliver community laboratory services – to standardize and improve patient care for all Albertans.

APL labs, located in Alberta hospitals and urgent care centres, are committed to the needs of emergency, inpatient and ambulatory patients. In rural communities where there are no additional community lab locations, APL continues to provide routine lab services to community patients.

DynaLIFE, expanding to a province-wide scope in December 2022 after serving parts of central and northern Alberta for more than 25 years, brings world-class testing facilities and patient-centred focus to new locations, ensuring stability, reliability, and excellence for the diagnostic industry.

By transitioning community lab services to DynaLIFE, APL is better able to maintain lab quality and provide a more efficient, effective and sustainable laboratory system that supports Alberta’s ever-growing demand for lab testing.

Provincial Lab Service Changes

The Government of Alberta is transforming how laboratory services are delivered across the province, standardizing and improving patient care for all Albertans.

To make this vision a reality, Alberta Precision Labs (APL) and DynaLIFE Medical Laboratories, are working together to implement a harmonized, province-wide lab services model to the benefit of all Albertans.

Under this new provincial laboratory services model, APL will support and focus on acute care lab services, ensuring hospital labs are able to focus on the emergency, in-patient and urgent needs of acute and ambulatory hospital patients, while DynaLIFE's role will expand to a province-wide scope focusing on community lab services.

This change aims to increase quality of care and build an effective and sustainable laboratory system that supports Alberta's ever-growing population.

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