Healthcare Providers

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Access APL requisitions and instructions required to collect specimens for testing. You can also access the Requisition Generator to create a PDF of the most common community lab requisitions with pre-populated healthcare provider information, including Connect Care identifiers.


Time Sensitive Lab Booking

For physician/clinic use only.


Mobile Collection Service

For patients who face significant medical challenges that prevent them from accessing Patient Service Centres / Community Collection Sites for blood collection.


New Provider Set-Up

New providers to the province must complete and submit paperwork to be set up as a provider in each of the Information systems.



Alberta Precision Labs offers comprehensive programs for Genetics and Genomics, Molecular Pathology and Public Health Laboratory (ProvLab) to support the provision of advanced health and healthcare for Albertans.


HSAA Collective Agreement Retro Process for APL Terminated Employees

Request process for retro payment of collective agreement monetary changes for Alberta Precision Laboratories Terminated Employees.


Test Directory

Test Directory Change Management

Transition Hub

Information for physicians and ordering providers related to Alberta laboratory service changes beginning December 5, 2022.


Clinical Sections

Laboratory medicine is leading healthcare innovation in detecting, diagnosing and treating medical conditions by managing diseases through clinical disciplines including Anatomic Pathology, Toxicology, Microbiology and others.


Laboratory Bulletins

Laboratory Bulletins are used to convey pertinent laboratory or clinical information to the intended audience.


Laboratory Requests & Reports

Completing laboratory request forms with the required information is integral to ensuring prompt report delivery.


Transfusion Medicine Clinical Resources

Dedicated to providing correct and safe blood components and blood products to our patients.


Guidelines & Resources

Includes Calculators, Nomograms, Antibiograms, Clinial Practice Guidelines, Reference Intervals, Accreditation Certificates.