Mobile Collection Service

Alberta Precision Laboratories (APL) provides Mobile Collection Service (MCS) for patients who face significant medical challenges that prevent them from accessing Patient Service Centres / Community Collection Sites for blood collection.

When submitting a request to add a new patient to Mobile Collection Services, please allow for processing time before the first requested collection. Service dates are determined by patient location.

Mobile home collections may be requested only by authorized providers.

On the day of collection, the patient must be available at home between 6:30 AM and 5:00 PM.  Service hours vary by regions and city.  Please contact your local Mobile Collection Service office if the patient will be unavailable due to medical reasons on the scheduled collection day.

Stat collections are NOT available. Priority results are available for patients requiring an urgent report during regular business hours and should be available within 8 hours of collection. Mobile ECG availability varies by community, contact the laboratory.

Follow the steps below to access Mobile Collection Services

Step One

Determine eligibility.

Patients must meet one of the following eligibility criteria:

  • Patient must have had a recent hospitalization and/or surgery that temporarily restricts their travel outside the home. The service is available for a maximum of 4 weeks post-hospital discharge.
  • Patient has an ongoing medical restriction and is unable to attend appointments or other activities outside the home.
  • Patient resides in a secured or safe living environment (e.g. Dementia Unit).

A patient is not eligible for a mobile collection if:

  • The patient is a resident in a supportive or assisted living facility and participates in group activities (for example: shopping and social outings).
  • The patient’s mobility has improved such that the patient is able to participate in activities such as shopping or banking excursions or going for long walks.
  • Patient arranges for transportation for activities such as shopping, banking, hair appointments.
  • Patient has indicated they will be returning to work or have returned to work.
  • Patient is able to drive a motor vehicle, or can arrange a ride.

Eligibility will be reviewed by Mobile Collection Services when an improvement in the patient’s condition is observed, or the patient no longer meets the eligibility requirements.

Step Two

Fully complete the Mobile Collection Requisition including the Patient Eligibility Requirement section.

Not all tests are available through Mobile Collections due to specimen collection and processing requirements. Refer to the APL Test Directory to determine if test can be collected by Mobile Collection Service.

Step Three

Submit completed Mobile Collection Requisition according to the zone where the patient is located. Refer to the AHS Zone Map for assistance in determining the patient’s zone. Select the appropriate link below to access contact information and details for submitting requisitions.

Order Guidelines

Frequency of Service

Maximum Duration of Service

Once only


Daily 5 weekdays (Monday to Friday)
2 times per week 2 weeks (Monday and Thursday or Tuesday and Friday)
3 times per week 2 weeks (Monday, Wednesday and Friday)
Weekly 12 weeks
Every 2 weeks 26 weeks
Every 4 weeks 1 year
Every 3 months

1 year

Safety Guidelines

In accordance with AHS Workplace Health and Safety and provincial legislation any information regarding existing or potential safety risks should be identified by the Ordering Provider. This is to ensure the safety of the mobile collection staff and the patient. For example if any of the following conditions are known (but not limited to) this information should be disclosed and if encountered the collection may be refused or cancelled:

  • Pest infestation is present (examples include: mice, bed bugs, scabies, lice or cockroaches).
  • Unsafe areas (examples include: isolated area, poor lighting, area known for gang violence, no cell phone coverage).
  • Unsecured weapons present.
  • Internal and external home environment unsafe (physical hazards for examples include: sidewalks not shoveled, poor maintenance of home).
  • Chemical or biological hazards are present (examples include: patient or others are not abstaining .from smoking during collection visit, animal feces, or illegal drugs present).

Mobile Collection Service will be cancelled if:

  • The physician cancels or does not renew the order.
  • Patient refuses to have specimen(s) drawn.
  • Patient is not home on two consecutive occasions. Exceptions are made if the patient is at an Emergency Department or is in the hospital.
  • Patient, caregiver or family member is physically or verbally abusive to lab staff.
  • Location of service is assessed as unsafe for APL staff.
  • Patient does not follow APL Pet Policy by securing pets while APL staff are in the residence.