Preparing For Your Lab Visit

It is important to prepare properly for your visit to the laboratory.

Booking an Appointment Where Required

Appointments are highly encouraged and can be booked either online, by phone or both. There are tests and procedure that require a booked appointment. Visit our Appointment Page and select the applicable location to book an appointment and to review the list of booked tests. Contact the laboratory if you are unsure.

Ensure you arrive a few minutes early. Late arrivals for appointments may not be accommodated depending on how far past the appointment you arrive and the volume of patients waiting for service. If we are unable to accommodate you in a timely manner, you will be given the choice to stay as a walk-in patient or to book another appointment

Early morning appointments are the most popular and are often booked well in advance. If you have to fast, you may have an opportunity to make a mid-morning or midafternoon if you start your fast later in the evening. Please consider making mid-morning or midafternoon appointments if you do not have to fast

If you are feeling anxious about having a blood test information is available to help reduce any distress or anxiety.

Preparation Instructions

Follow any test instructions as outlined by your Physician/Order provider, for more information on test information visit our:

What to Bring to the Lab

Requisition and any other documentation provided to you from your Physician/Order provider. Check to ensure your personal information on your requisition is correct. If not accurate contact your order provider’s office

Patient Identification - For sample collections patients will be asked for two (2) pieces of identification.

The preferred, acceptable list of original documents includes

  • Valid Provincial or Territorial Health Care Card

PLUS one of the following original government issued photo identification:

  • Valid driver's license
  • Valid passport (including out of country issued passports)
  • Canadian Citizenship card
  • Canadian Permanent Resident card
  • Certificate of Indian Status card
  • Valid Alberta or other government issued student identification card
  • Federal, provincial, and/or territorial government issued identification with a photograph

Other acceptable original documents include:

  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Legal change of name certificate
  • Final divorce certificate
  • Citizenship/immigration status document (Student Permit, Temporary Resident, Interim Federal Health Certificate of Eligibility)
  • Certified copy of the court order for name change
  • Court of Queen's Bench Adoption Order

NOTE: Paper or electronic copies may not be accepted, please confirm with your location.

Payment may be required for some tests and for SELF pay Patients, uninsured tests, or non-medically indicated tests. Debit and Credit cards are accepted. Cash is not accepted at any location.

What to Expect from Alberta Precision Labs

Staff will:

  • Verify your ID and Physician  information  on your requisition
  • Confirm your current phone number
  • Fasting Tests ordered on your requisition ask you the time since you ate or drank last ,
  • Tests requested that requires date and time of taking medication will ask you for date and time of last dosage.
  • Ask you to state and spell your name and give your date of birth when in the collection room. – verifies your identification and confirms the accuracy of the information entered into the lab system.
  • Provide instructions and answer questions regarding procedures and sample collections.
  • Please note lab staff are unable to answer questions about the laboratory tests. Please direct any questions regarding the lab testes ordered to your physician.

Please inform staff if you are concerned that you may faint or are feeling unwell

Cancelling Appointments

If on the day of your appointment you are unable to keep your appointment, please cancel online or to cancel by phone refer to the Appointment Page and select the appropriate location to obtain the correct phone number.

For more information on the importance of verifying your identity and other common questions please check the FAQ page link.