Lab Formulary Intake Request

Alberta Health Services (AHS) in partnership with Alberta Precision Laboratories (APL) has established the Alberta Lab Formulary Committee (LFC) which is making the Lab Formulary Intake Request form available that can be used to add, substitute, remove or restrict publicly funded laboratory tests.

Evidence has demonstrated that improved patient outcomes associated with advanced diagnostics are the result of an effective diagnostic test review and adoption process. It is also known that inappropriate laboratory test utilization is associated with escalating costs of laboratory testing and increased costs of health care in general.

To address this challenge the LFC developed in partnership with AHS and the Institute of Health Economics (IHE), a Rapid Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Prioritization Framework. This framework is a structured guide that informs and supports the decisions and recommendations made by the LFC for diagnostic test adoption in Alberta.

The LFC oversees the streamlined processes for diagnostic test assessment and adoption in Alberta with the aim to accelerate value-based adoption of new laboratory tests in an appropriate context of use and to reduce variation in test utilization. The goal is for healthcare providers and patients to have access to appropriate, equitable and sustainable laboratory testing and result information – all of which contribute to improved patient outcomes, optimal patient care, and financial sustainability in Alberta.

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