Laboratory Results & Reports


Q: Can I Get My Lab Results from Alberta Precision Laboratories?


  1. All Albertans are encouraged to activate their MyHealth Records account at
    • This is the easiest and preferred way to get test results.
    • COVID-19 and many other laboratory results can be accessed online as testing completes.
  2. From the ordering health care provider or another health care provider. The majority of health care providers have access to Alberta Netcare which allows them to access your lab results throughout Alberta.
    • APL encourages patients to obtain their tests results through consultation with the ordering physician.
  3. If the previous options are not available: lab results can be accessed directly from Alberta Precision Laboratories.

Q: How Do I Make An Access Request?


  1. Complete the appropriate form:
  2. Submit the form and the $25 fee.

Q: How Much Does it Cost?


  • There is a basic $25 administrative fee for patients who wish to obtain copies of their laboratory records from APL.
  • There may be additional fees depending upon the complexity of the request. If this is the case, you will be provided with a fee estimate before the request is processed.
  • Fee must be received before your request will be processed. Online credit card payment option is available.

Q: How Long Will it Take to Get My Records?


  • Under the Health Information Act a request must be responded to within 30 calendar days unless the time limit has been formally extended.
  • Routine requests for recent lab test results are processed within 5 working days after the written request and $25 fee is received.
  • If result is required sooner provide details on your form.

Q: How do I Complete the Form?


Multiple patients require results Submit one form per patient
Patients 14 years or older Required to complete their own form and sign
Patients under 14 years Form is typically completed by a parent or legal guardian

The requestor is the person making the request for records.

In the case of a patient under 14 years the requestor may be a parent or legal guardian


The Patient is the person who had laboratory testing performed. For most requests submitted on adults this is the same as the Requestor.

For patients under 14 years this information belongs to the patient.

Signature Signature is required for request to be processed

Q: How Will I Receive My Laboratory Records?

A:  Depending on the type of record:

  • Copies may be sent by mail.
  • You may be required to come to APL with picture ID to pick-up records.



APL Provincial Phone

  • 1-877-868-6848